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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Therapeutic Friendships

A few of those involved with Stepping Stone 2to, have been part of the charity for many years creating strong bonds of friendship, they are now Core Members.

The charity encourages members to have therapeutic friendships and a good social network, to help alleviate social isolation.

Mark and Nigel have developed closed bonds, as they have worked together doing community work through SS2to and do spend social time together outside of the charity. One recent day trip was to Keswick

During these social occasions they support each other, as well as getting involved with mutual interests, such as the Bird Hide. As a recent blog post Anxiety and Connecting to Nature  touched upon, connecting with nature helps alleviate anxiety and stress.

They lads had done some painting work in the past and reflected on those memories, when they noticed similar iron work in Hope Park.

They both had fun feeding the birds, though one bird wasn’t too keen on Nigel wanted to chat, without bird food 😂

The weather was beautiful and they had great views at the Lake. The exercise, sunshine and good company were beneficial for them both and a good example of the benefits of a good social network .

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