Sunday, 18 March 2018

Nigel's Weight Lifting Progression

Nigel, as well as Tra has also been on a journey to eventually deadlift his own bodyweight, and so far has put a tremendous effort into every lift on that journey.

Unfortunately, Nigel has lost his way on this journey, his bodyweight has been stuck at just under sixteen stones for some time now, he has admitted that he has been eating more than he should, and hasn’t been putting the effort required into his unsupported workouts.

He does however continue to put the maximum effort into the workouts on Friday, has made gains in many areas, irrespective of his weight issue. He shows greater focus, is more flexible, and mobile.

His strength has increased, in tandem with the improvements in his technique. He is able to discern instruction, and articulate his understanding, or ask questions if he is unsure.

I believe that given Nigel’s disability, plus other impacting factors, this blip in his training is to be expected, and not insurmountable. He will get through this and come out the other side stronger mentally, and physically, and lift his bodyweight. Which one, we will see!!


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