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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mark's Fitness Progress

Mark continues to attend Stepping Stone 2to, and makes continued progress in many different, but crucial areas.

Mark is an excellent student who works hard every session, puts himself at the forefront of any challenge, and wants to excel.

His weight has dropped in tandem with his improvements in all the activities. His back problem, caused by a distended abdominal area due to carrying excess weight, has now reduced in intensity, is more mobile, and flexible.

Mark is now able to do complicated techniques, is able to ask if he feels he is doing them incorrectly, and now has an understanding of how exercise affects his body.

Mark has also excelled in the aerobic part of training, and isn’t out of breath as much as he used to be. He moves more fluidly and gracefully when performing exercises such as step-ups, and his balance which used to be a barrier, is now something that Mark is able to control most of the time.

Mark had some time away from the sessions and put on a pound in weight, he has now asked to work to get this down even though it is nothing. The keenness that Mark shows is one of his strengths, and is a joy to behold.

Mark has much more to achieve I feel, and with his motivation, keenness, and application, will indeed have many more achievements in the future.

Harry 😊

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