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Friday, 23 February 2018

Stepping Stone 2to Update

Hi all apologies for my lack of output on our pages but I have been a little preoccupied of late but here is an update on our current status as a charity, and our future aspirations.

We are currently pursuing further funding, and status, and looking at ways, we can address, within our current capacity, what we see as a lack in provision, in the crucial areas of Social Care within the local communities.

Our members continue to grow in confidence and stature, and solid friendships are being formed, often through adversity. We continue to carry out podcasts focusing on issues that are crucial in member’s everyday lives, looking at their understanding of those issues, how they can find resolutions, or the implementation of coping strategies where no immediate solution is available.

The health and wellbeing sessions continue to blossom, with consistent progress made in all areas. Mark and Nigel have made significant progress in the areas of; weight loss, flexibility, focus, technique, strength, and participation. They have also made progress in their fighting drills where precision, speed, and accuracy, are now slowly coming together.

Tra also continues to make significant progress in all areas. Her strength has increased very quickly in the last 6 months as she strives to deadlift her own bodyweight, and this is currently well on track. I believe that she, along with Nigel, will soon achieve this aim, as both are showing significant gains in all the muscle groups, but more significantly their ability to push beyond the physical.
Tra continues to progress in her fighting skills, speed, power, timing, positioning, and displays an ability to see, without seeing, strike without thinking, and still her breath when tired. Her teaching abilities, mentoring, and leadership continue to improve each day. Proud of them all.

We are currently looking at a number of options for the expansion of the charity, one of which is the increase of our capacity. We believe we have proved over time that we are able to offer an holistic, and consistent approach which meets the many needs of clients who have complex needs. We also believe that by acquiring statutory funding to establish ourselves further, will better enable us to offer regular services to clients for the foreseeable future. A service which meets the wide variety of needs already identified as not met, and places early intervention when needed, as a top priority.

We are also looking at the purchase of a small dwelling that is fit for purpose where 4 people with complex needs could live, be provided with an holistic service, meet their needs on a daily basis, and enables them to access their local community in a positive way.  We currently have 2 potential clients who have developed the skills needed to live independently, who could benefit, and are already eager to be tenants. Whoa!!
We anticipate that we would satellite from our base, within the local community, continuing to run life skills sessions that aim to meet the needs of the existing clients, and referrals from anyone who requires a service from us. We would be looking to pursue the support we already have, from Adult Social Care, and especially Mark Hastings who has been a tremendous supporter of what we do.

The existing satellite sessions, health and wellbeing, will increase to two a week, thereby enabling us to meet the needs of many others.
These health and wellbeing sessions are in response to the many observations, experiences, and statistical studies carried out by us, on the health and wellbeing of clients within other services. Our findings showed that in the areas of health and wellbeing the good health of clients is sadly lacking, and interventions were reactive rather than proactive.

We also found that there was a lack of clinical expediency, in areas such as dental hygiene, diet, and weight control. Any interventions from services, were in the main inconsistent approaches, and invariably too late for any real progress to be made. We found that many clients lose their teeth, or endure poor dental hygiene for many years leading to the subsequent loss. Obesity, joint problems, depression, and anxiety were also seen as regular common denominators impacting on the health and wellbeing of clients.

We aim to address this lack, enable clients to understand, become aware, see the benefits of early interventions, for the services to recognise this kind of input, seek to introduce consistent approaches to health and wellbeing, and to be proactive with early intervention. We will also strive to empower clients where applicable, to expect this service, seeing it as an inalienable right they have, and not one that they have to ask for.

The above is purely an open-minded exercise which will eventually become an evolving blueprint for us as a charity, for others to follow, add to, move forward with, to improve the health and wellbeing of all the clients who enter a service, now, and in the years to come.
Thank you, and please feel free to comment on the above, on our pages, and thanks once more for supporting what we do.

Be well. Harry Brannigan. 😊

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