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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Pancake Fun

It has been a while since Stepping Stone 2to members have done a cooking activity. They are always enjoyable and successful sessions.

Members decided to have a pancake making day. We had a discussion about how we would go about making the pancakes and decided on getting ready made mix. As much fun as been covered in flour would of been 😄

This was a fun activity has everyone was looking forward to making pancakes, and as with all our activities people support each other. We encourage fun, experiential learning, so there is plenty of laughter. As the video shows and  Harry use to be in a band you know 😃 

This activity helped members to work together as a team, improving their communication skills by discussing each stage of the pancake cooking. 
They changed choices throughout, when required, again improving their decision making and as with all these activities this improves their confidence.

The pancakes tasted good and everyone thought theirs was the best pancake 😄

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