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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Fitness Progression - Tra's Continuing Journey

Progression, a movement of the parts in harmony: movement by successive stages.

Tra has I feel made progress in all the important areas, lean muscle, strength, power, speed, technique, and most importantly, focus.

Her attitude to progressive exercise is one of grit, steely will, and stern determination.
Her body shape has developed into a symmetrically, finely tuned, highly efficient engine that purrs with relative ease throughout its journey.

Introspection, and scientific thinking, are an ever present thematic in everything that Tra does. This enables her to ask questions of herself, the activity, where each part presented fits, helping her to constantly fine-tune her engine whenever, and wherever needed along the way.

Trauma was an ever-present barrier in Tras progressive mind-set early on, often inhibiting her along the way throughout the activities. I regularly drew her attention to how her trauma would constantly revisit her thoughts whenever she had to go beyond her capabilities.
She listened, saw how this could affect her progression, internalised this, and totally changed her mind-set, thereby enabling her to achieve levels way beyond her original beliefs she had of her abilities.

Tra has taken to everything I have presented to her. Questions are only ever asked where relevant to her understanding, and more importantly, they are only asked in order that she can carry out the activity to her maximum.

Her fighting ability continues to blossom each session. Her speed, power, and technical abilities are way beyond her time in training. Her focus when executing drills, combination strikes, and footwork is exceptional. She was born to be a fighter.

A joy to teach, a joy to train with, and a fantastic teacher of others when truly confident of her ability. Tras journey continues and the best is yet to come!

Harry on behalf of Stepping Stone 2to. 😊

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