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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Advocacy for people with Learning Disabilities/Difficulties

There a many occasions when vulnerable people need support and someone that can help support them are Advocates.

Wikipedia describes the Aims of an Advocate as -

Advocacy in all its forms seeks to ensure that people, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society, are able to:
  • Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them
  • Defend and safeguard their rights
  • Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives
Advocacy is a process of supporting and enabling people to:
  • Express their views and concerns
  • Access information and services
  • Defend and promote their rights and responsibilities
  • Explore choices and options
Stepping Stone 2to discussed with those involved with the charity about advocacy and what they understood about the role of an advocate

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