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Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Benefits of Focused Activities

Hi all, and thanks once more for your continued interest in what we are doing.
Our latest podcast attempt was on the subject of focus, the ability to hold ones concentration when carrying out a task, or an activity.

We believe that by working on an individual’s ability to focus, or concentrate, this invariably helps to reduce anxiety, thereby enabling that individual to function more fully in their every days lives.
We have introduced focus training into the health and wellbeing sessions, which is proving to be of benefit to everyone who takes part, has improved participation in skill levels, and in the performance of the activities.

We have also introduced the emphasis on focus, and attention, to all our activities, such as artwork, and model building, and although at times this can be difficult to do, the benefits far outweigh the effort that goes into ensuring that it remains embedded throughout.

Please feel free to comment on any of the subjects that we discuss, as they are intended not just to raise awareness, but also to create deliberations among other interested parties.

You are also very welcome to pop along and take part in any of our podcasts, as Kim recently did, much to her surprise!! She contributed really well to our podcast on focus, and its greatly appreciated by us all.
Be well. Harry on behalf of Stepping Stone 2to.😊

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