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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Inclusion and Exclusion Podcast

Hi again a quick update and sorry I haven’t been on much of late but I have been rather distracted. I have also realised that I need to sit down with Tra the creator, and developer of our Blog and Face Book page and learn how to flipping use it!!! Oh and my own FB page too!!

Another podcast was carried out recently and the subject was around inclusion, and exclusion, and the negative effects that come about when people are not included in everyday life situations and are therefore the victims of exclusion
The discussion was very enlightening, with everyone contributing where able. Real life situations came up where clients were excluded by the actions, or non-actions of staff members, and other people within their local communities.

What became obvious during these discussions was an overriding need for clients to air their experiences of exclusion and the need to look for resolutions to these occurrences in real time.
However because this is a feasibility exercise, timed, and designed to remain impartial where possible from individual problems needing resolutions, we realised that we need to ensure that mediums other than the podcast itself are made available for people who are seen to be badly affected by their problems.
Another enlightening and productive activity where everyone had positive learning experiences.


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