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Monday, 17 July 2017

Personal Image and Bullying

Personal Image is important to how people feel about themselves and their interactions with others, how many of us actually think about Personal Image and get the opportunity to explore this area? 

Stepping Stone 2to want to convey the concept of difference. In order to understand the concept of difference, people need to understand what it means to them, it needs to be personal.

We also look at how difference affects them in every-day life. People with Learning Disabilities/Difficulties have to understand how them being different affects them in the world.

We conveyed to them that difference is natural, and did that by looking at different images of others that they would be considered to be different, and how they connected to those images.
We explored how people felt about difference and how their past had affected their responses.

Part of this process to try to understand why they feel the way they do about difference. We then explored how others would see them as different and how they could react.

The group explore the strategies to deal with discrimination when faced with others reactions to their difference.
The group also work at seeing the difference in themselves and feeling more comfortable within themselves.

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