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Monday, 26 June 2017

Individual Achievements Through Exercise

Stepping Stone 2to support individuals to improve their health and wellbeing, through exercise routines. These individuals have made big changes in their lives and have been interviewed about their progress.
Readers can follow the exercise stories on this blog and how we hope to develope them further - Fitness Stories

Nigel continues to improve in all areas. His weight is now down to 16stones, and falling. He now moves through each of the exercises with consummate ease, and is lifting much greater weight than he believed he could.
He now trains on his own out of session which shows an increase in his personal motivation, and focus, which has helped to reduce his anxiety greatly.
One of the biggest outcomes I feel for him is his awareness of the changes in his body image, the benefits of the exercise, dietary input, and is now able to articulate his thoughts and observations on his progression.
There is more to come for him, and he is ready for this!

Tra has increased her strength by incremental changes in the weight she is lifting, and by moving through different planes. She can now lift heavier weights with mental focus, willpower, and preparation using Zen.
Tra has also increased her muscular endurance, in both anaerobic, and aerobic, through circuit cross training, power lifting, running, and Martial Arts.
In the Martial Arts, which Tra has displayed a natural ability for, Tra has become more technical in her execution of striking patterns, and her speed and power have increased to a level which befits a much more experienced martial artist.
Through all the above Tra has developed enhanced focus, self-belief, and has become much calmer within herself, which is also evident in other areas of her life.
Tra has also changed her physical appearance in relation to the symmetry of her major muscle groups. Her shoulders and arms are now displaying lean muscle, and definition relating to the rest of her body. She now has more defined pectorals which compliment her trapezius, thereby creating an improved posture, and stature.
Tra not only participates herself in session, but is also becoming a skilled trainer of people. She has a natural predisposition to nurture and support, and uses a systematic approach to teaching carried out in a calm, gentle manner in order that everyone achieves in their own way.
Her journey continues.

Mark although a latecomer to the sessions has made very quick improvements in all the areas of identified need.
He is focused, motivated, attends every session without complaint, and participates fully every time. He has lost almost 2 stones in weight, is moving much more freely when exercising, is able to identify the benefits of the exercises, and shows great tenacity every time.

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