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Monday, 1 May 2017

V8 Engine Model Building

Part of the learning experience for those involved with Stepping Stone 2to, is building models.
One of the models we are building is a Haines V8 Car Engine Model.

This is quite a complex piece of kit, with many parts and quite a detailed manual.
There will be many skills used to be able to complete this model, which will have working parts.

The manual is quite detailed and requires the model to be built in stages. Each stage needs to be understood, and assembled so that all the parts fit correctly and will move.

Whoever gets involved with this project, supports each other, at each stage. Communication skills are important and there have been many discussions about how this bit fits to another bit 😃

Always a good feeling to get a stage completed, as the model has quite small, fiddly parts, that quite often need two people to work together for assembly. Also this is a plastic model with some electronics, so light, careful handling is required.

This model will take many weeks to complete, as it needs alot of focus and concentration. Keeping focus for long periods of time can be difficult with people with LDD, therefore, this model work is done during small time periods, to enable people to participate better and achieve more.

Some like to watch and observe the process, only participating on part they feel they can manage, again done with support from others.
This model has given people the opportunity to peer support others.

Support Workers that attend SS2to sessions with participants, also get involved with the model work. They support others to complete sections of the model and have fun 😏

The model has not yet been completed, so further blog posts will track the progress and how people engaged with this learning activity.

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