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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Learning Disability and Computer Learning

Stepping Stone 2to have been supported by Cumbria County Council, supplying funding for a Computer Educational Hub.

Participants involved in SS2to have shown an interest in computers and IT technology. And requested to be able to use computers as part of their learning.

So Harry and myself did some research on how we could involved IT technology as part of the life skills sessions.

Most people who receive a service from SS2to, don't have access to computers, therefore, we used the funding to get a laptop, and educational software. The software is interactive, covering Reading, Writing and Math skills.

With support people were able to carry out learning activities, following instructions, through the software and using the laptop. Many skills are used, such as reading, writing, maths, understanding instructions and communication. Everyone enjoyed the interactive software, and they all will be able to keep a record of their achievements.

The funding was also used to get Fire Tablets with Educational Software.
Using the tablets was a new experience for most.

People enjoyed the touch screen facility, which improved their dexterity and hand to eye co-ordination.

We also included an Autism Sensory program with the Tablets, which people found to be focused relaxation, this helps reduce anxiety. Finding ways to reduce anxiety, enables people to more fully engage in the learning experience.

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