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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Stepping Stone 2to Trustees

Hi to all those who support what we, Stepping Stone 2to provide to people as a service.
Firstly, I would like to announce the resignation of one of our trustees, Steven, (Coulter) who decided recently that he would no longer be able to commit to the charity.
I, on behalf of the charity would like to thank Steven for the work he has done, and the support he has given to the members of Stepping Stone 2to.

In Stevens place Nigel, (Geldard) a long-standing recipient, and member, will become the new trustee, and I would like to wish him well on his appointment.

I would also like to give a mention to Tracey, (Croft) our joint charity coordinator for all the hard work she has done over the past year.
Tracey joined what was then a community project, over 3 years ago in order that she may contribute, gain self-achievement, purpose, direction in her life and move away from a difficult past.

She is unpaid as yet, but the work rate displayed by her these past 3 years is without doubt worthy of reward. She has not only provided personal, and social care support, but has worked tirelessly in her own time on all the administration required to successfully fulfill charity requirements.

At times, it has been a difficult journey for her, coping with a chronic illness, and her past trauma, but Tracey has pushed on with tireless determination, been able to recognize her limits, sometimes push beyond them, but never ever has she complained at any time.
Tracey has more than proved her abilities to overcome adversity, so evident in her modus operandi, and will, one day I know, become a fully paid member of Stepping Stone 2to.

Here’s to another successful year for Tracey, and the charity.

Harry Brannigan.

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